Davido – Legends Can Never Die (LCND)

Nigeria’s music scene is buzzing with excitement as the renowned artist David Adedeji Adeleke, famously known as Davido, makes a grand entrance with his latest track, “Legends Can Never Die (LCND).” This song is turning heads and capturing hearts, showcasing Davido’s exceptional talent as both a singer and songwriter.

In this latest release, Davido once again proves why he’s adored by countless fans worldwide. His music not only resonates with listeners but also leaves a lasting impression with its unique blend of melodies and lyrics.

With “Legends Can Never Die (LCND),” Davido takes the opportunity to remind us all of the timeless nature of true greatness. Through his music, he celebrates the enduring legacy of legends who continue to inspire and influence us even beyond their time.

Listen and download below:


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